5 Javascript Libraries that make your life easier

Lodash JSUnderscore JS

Lodash is smaller in size and documentation looks better than Underscore. But it is much of muchness when using them. Use these libraries for their helper functions that you can chain together. It makes sorting, filtering and mapping so easy. I’m a big fan of pluck, each, map, assign functions.

Moment JS

Moment JS makes dealing with time and javascript way simpler. You feel like Hiro Nakamura manipulating time and space. It’s easy to compare, calculate and manipulate date and times.


Need I say more?
These two libraries are great for rendering your HTML files as PDF. jsPDF seems to be pretty easy to implement and has some really cool examples. PDFJS is dependent on javascript promises, if you are not familiar with promises I’d either get up to speed or use jsPDF.



This is the Library you use to render Charts and Graphs. D3JS helps you bind your data so you can visualise it. You’ll have to become familiar with SVG, which can take time to learn but it’s really cool.

Check out these cool examples:

Polymer JS

This a library if you need easy web components. For example if you want to drop a Google Map in your website, you don’t need to do something like this.

You just do it like this. Just give the include Polymer JS and it’s dependencies then just add the google map component and give it some coordinates…Simples!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this. I did give you 2 more libraries than promised so feel free to comment below.


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