Why I built the 6MWT App

6 minute walk test App

I used to co-ordinate Chermside Community Centre’s Cardiac Rehab Program and also North Lakes Health Precinct. The program is designed for patients who are recovering from a recent Cardiac event such as Heart Attack or Bypass surgery.

We would conduct this test, which is the Gold Standard across the board, dare I say globally as well.

Once a patient has been accepted into the program we would need to gauge a patients level of fitness. This was done by conducting a Six Minute Walk Test. Basically we get the patient to walk to the best of their ability for six minutes on a flat surface. We would also track their Oxygen and Heart Rate as well.

We would bring out a stopwatch, clipboard that held the forms and a calculator to help us complete this test.

I thought to myself…what a waste of time. We have all these things on our phone! I would go to work then go home to the 21st Century. It was (and still is to this day ) a bit ridiculous. I began to search to see if there was an App that already existed and couldn’t find one out there at all. So I decided to do it myself.

I was always interested in web development and computer programming in my younger years, but chose to do Nursing instead of Information Technology Studies for various reasons.

I started off trying to learn C++, which was the wrong thing and too deep a learning curve to achieve my goals. I remember I used to dabble with Geocities sites and stuff in my younger years so I wanted to go down that path. At the time, building mobile apps was all the rage, but even then the learning curve was steep too.

I messed around with various libraries and frameworks which you can see in this Prezi on How I made it to the App Store. But I eventually built it with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap (before it was acquired by Adobe and “renamed” to Cordova)

I’m quite proud of what I achieved back then, learning essentially on my own. I managed to get 6MWT app into the App store after a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

I get downloads every week, but not making any real profit from it. It’s not got great reviews, but that’s the whole point. Moral of the story is to just create something and put into the wild. It’s an awesome feeling. You get faster feedback as well and learn what users want. Trust me users will tell you if something is not right.

I’d like to improve the 6MWT App since I’ve learned a lot since obtaining a role as a UI Developer/UX Designer at ThoughtWorks. Although I’ve just become a father for the first time, so I’m not sure when that will be.

Solve small problems first, that’s how you provide value to the world and that’s how you learn to do crazy things like teach yourself how to build an app.

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If you are a Clinician that is interested in 6MWT App, Check it out.


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