Learnings from a new Dad Chapter #1

Get these before you baby is born…

It’s only been 9 days since my son Nash was born. It’s been a crazy ride so far. Truly awesome. I’m writing this as I sit in a rocking chair to keep him asleep, thinking how amazing this is and also the resources that are helping me be a parent.


Anyone who’s met me knows I’m a such a sucker for apps and IoT in general. Here are some apps that I swear by when I first becoming a parent.

Contractions App — Smart Contractions Timer

This app is easy to use stopwatch to track your wife’s contractions. The reviews are mixed. But in my experience this app told me to go to hospital…which prompted us to ring the midwife. If we left it any later we would have had a home birth. Just sayin’. Moral of the story…is call the midwife!

Sound Sleeper

A collection of looping sounds, it’s worth upgrading so that you can have continuous play on. My wife and I have grown accustom to the Rain sounds, it is quite soothing for the whole family in the first days of birth.

This works really well with portable Bluetooth Speakers. My wife and I have a couple, one in the bed room and one in the living room. We also take it with us when going out for walks or to the shops.


Get reminders for your child’s vaccination dates.

I don’t care where you stand, vaccinate your god-damn kids, there’s a reason why polio is no longer around people! Rant. Over.

SIDS and Kids safe sleeping

Let’s face it, being responsible for tiny human is overwhelming. Keanu Reeves character (Todd Higgins) in the movie ‘Parenthood’ says it all.

The app is a great resource intended to equip you with information regarding SIDS and will ease your worries about your baby sleeping well.


Baby Poop Everywhere Buzz Lightyear Meme
Baby Poop Everywhere

There will be poop everywhere make sure you dedicate a space for changing dirty diapers.

Change Table Mat and Cover

These are a must have, we got two covers just incase you need to wash one and have one handy to use straight away.

Hospital Blueys aka Puppy Training Pads


These work well with your change table mat. It will catch any rogue poos and wees.

Water Wipes & Coconut Oil

My son’s skin was peeling and flakey which is common in new borns. However, my wife and I (both experienced clinicians — not parents) were confused with all the advice that is out there regarding new born baby skin. We got some great advice from one of our midwives during a visit when we asked about managing our son’s skin.

“If you can’t consume it safely, then don’t put it on your baby”

After hearing this, she suggested using putting some coconut oil on a cotton bud and gently applying. We already had water wipes which work really well for cleaning baby bottoms. So, if your child’s skin does get flakey maybe try some coconut oil and no need to go crazy with that stuff.


This. Thing. Is. Awesome.

I’m not going to make this into a discussion on reusable vs disposable diapers. Do what you like, but I have to emphasise that there will be poop everywhere.

Poop Everywhere.

Your sleep pattern will be disturbed constantly and the last thing you or your wife will want to do is wash a dirty diaper. That being said…I highly recommend a diaper bin and refills. It wraps it up tightly, keeping your home from smelling like a pile of dirty diapers. Honestly, the person(s) that built this is an absolute genius.

I know it’s bit random list of things…I hope you find this list useful when becoming a parent for the 1st time.

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